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Tips for Engagement Photos

January 28, 2016  •  2 Comments

Engagement Photo Tips

Congratulations on your engagement!! This is such an exciting time in your life, and you're about to embark on an amazing journey through marriage. Engagement sessions are a fantastic way to spend some quality time together before your wedding day. They will help us get to know each other better; they give you beautiful photos of this stage of your life before you say "I do", and they give you the chance to see what it feels like to be in front of a camera before your big day. Being in front of a camera does not have to be scary!  Here are a few tips to get the most out of your engagement session with me! 
One of the first things couples ask me after we've planned a date for their engagement session is: Where should we shoot? If it were up to me I'd say some place exotic like Paris or Dublin, but it's usually not the case that we can just hop on a plane and take photos in a different city(But if anyone does want to fly me to Europe, I'm in!). You should consider a location that has meaning to you as a couple. Do you spend a lot of time at a certain coffee shop? Do you love to camp and go hiking outdoors? Did you meet while in school together--why not shoot at your Alma Mater?What's your favorite place you've been for an anniversary or special trip? If you don't have a location in mind, you can always ask me for advice or we can pick one out together. Below are four different types of locations ranging from urban to countryside. Each one fit the couple's personality and love story. 

Danielle and Brandon's engagement session took place at the University of Tampa's Henry B Plant Museum. It fit them perfectly as a couple because they live in Tampa and the love the old architecture around the city. See more here. 


Nicole and Stuart had their engagement session in a field in Defuniak Springs, Florida in the historic district. Stuart works outdoors and Nicole loves cotton fields so it was the perfect match for them. 


Katie and Jonathan chose a place that had roses blooming and grand steps leading up to an old historic building in Choctaw Beach, Florida. 


Emma and Eric chose their wedding venue as their engagement session location. It was perfect for this Southern Florida couple. They are incredible dancers so I had them show me a few moves. Take at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. 
What Do I Wear?
I love to see what outfits clients bring to their engagement session. It really shows me who you are and your style. Some of my favorite outfits worn at engagement sessions are not the fancy evening gowns; my favorite outfits are the one that show who you are as a couple. While there is no hard and fast rule of what colors look good on camera, I will say this: wear what makes you feel beautiful. Do you have a pastel blouse that makes you feel beautiful? What about a blue dress that brings out your gorgeous eyes? Do you have a favorite sweater that he wears? Bring the items in your wardrobe that show off who you are. My favorite colors are muted tones: blush, champagne, lilac, crystal blue. But the bold colors are just as fun to photograph! When picking outfits, try to stick to the same color palette. For example:

Perfect example: Victoria and Joe had a nautical themed engagement session because they love to sail together. The boat featured here was handmade by Victoria's father. Their outfits are all in the blues and green color palette with white as a base.

Cecily and Lionel decided to honor Cecily's Indian heritage by wearing traditional Indian clothing. See how Lionel's the main pop of color and Cecily's outfit complements his but is more muted in color? 

Should I Get My Makeup Done Professionally?
I love to encourage brides to get their hair and makeup done professionally for the engagement shoot. You will look and feel wonderful, and it's so nice to be pampered. I work closely with several amazingly talented hair and makeup artists in both Orlando and Destin, and I'd love to send you their information when it comes time for your engagement session. If you are doing your own hair and makeup make sure you do a trial run before the day of your engagement session. Another great tip I've picked up: go outside after you've finished your makeup. Seeing your makeup with indoor lighting will not show you what it looks like when we're shooting in natural lighting. 

One Last Tip
As you prepare for your engagement session, you may feel nervous about being in front of a camera. At some point in the beginning of the session you'll probably say to me,"I don't know what to do with my hands." or my favorite,"I'm just awkward in front of the camera." I promise you that you will very quickly adjust to being in front of the camera, and by the end of our session you'll feel like a master of snuggling and being cute. I mean it though. One of my favorite little tricks is telling my couples to kiss and then smile. Remember your first kiss with your fiance? How afterwards you probably melted a little bit and a natural smile came out. That's the kind of feeling I want in an engagement session, and it's MY job to coach you into that. You will never have to worry that it will be silent and awkward in front of the camera because I will always be behind the camera cheering you on and directing you into natural embraces. It's my job and I adore it. 


I hope you've found this helpful! Leave a comment about your favorite tip or any questions you have about your engagement session! 


It is important to find a photographer that you are comfortable with. I also advise for couples to use the same photographer that they use for their engagement shoot as they do their wedding. That way there will be a rapport built up and everyone will be even more relaxed and comfortable. Great tips, thanks for sharing.
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Beautiful photos and wonderful tips!
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